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I solemnly declare and confirm that I am duly qualified to take admission in the course for which I have applied and all the certificates and testimonials attached with my application are true and valid. I have fully satisfied myself about the legal status of the University i.e. it is an autonomous statutory body with regulations making power for it's functioning and the University is duly authorized and competent to take my admission in the course for which I have applied and also to award the degree/ diploma as per rules and regulation of the University. I also undertake not to ever raise any objection about Universities legal status to take my admission and award degrees on qualifying prescribed examinations. I also undertake not to demand refund of fee/charges a paid by me. In case of any dispute/differences/claim of any value settlement by University arbitration clause shall be applicable.
I shall always follow the rules and regulations of the University and in case of any breach thereto, I shall be liable to be penalized for the same which may include expulsion from the University. I have read and understood the condition of eligibility for the course for which I have registered.

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